Education policy

Miura Gakuen's philosophy (basic objectives)

School Lesson - (Remember your original intention).

The founding spirit of our school  (Independence, Simplicity and fortitude)

Founding Philosophy  (A school rooted in the community.)

As a school rooted in the local area, Miura Gakuen has a spirit of “Simplicity”, “Fortitude” and “Independence” , and sincerely educates everyone for the future and nurtures resourceful individuals who can thrive in any social environment. We will contribute to building a better society.

The School’s Educational Goals

Developing international-minded young people with character and a sense of independence.

10 qualities in our ideal students

1. Students with a sense of self-worth

Students can take care of themselves and their health and wellbeing.

2. Autonomous students

Students can control their emotion and behavior.

3. Self-motivated students

Students are consistently aware of issues and are able to react positively.

4. Life-long learners

Students continue to learn throughout their lives and continue to develop in response to changes in society.

5. Cultivated students

Students understand and are committed to basic principles, with the intent to apply them in the local community and wider global society.

10 qualities in our ideal students
10 qualities in our ideal students

6. Courteous students

Students behave in accordance with the TPO.

7. Students with leadership ability

Students display leadership in collaborative projects.

8. Alert students

Students can respond to change. Always keeping track of the surrounding situation and acting accordingly, while displaying patience at all times.

9. Gregarious students

Students can communicate and express themselves properly, listening to other people and other groups in an appropriate manner.

10.Thoughtful students

Students always interact with others with compassion, empathy and respect. With respect to other groups and cultures, students recognize their diversity with open-mindedness.

10 qualities in our ideal students
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